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Real estate websites

NaturalPixel comes in support of real estate agencies Imobiliator, a CMS (Content Management System) specialized in real estate submission of tenders. Each site is customized to answer requests as well as possible real estate agency. News that you bring this type of site are the following:

  • image areas where the locations offered for sale or rent on a dynamic map of Google Maps for a good visual localization
  • presenting a movie, with the player integrated into the page (like Youtube), the movie what can be done easily, even with a photo camera or mobile phone which has based registration, thereby providing a much higher level of detailing presentation location
  • the website can be translated easily in any language you want, thus increasing the number of potential clients

The site is easy to administer and optimizing on-site for search engines is done automatically, providing a good index site (sitemap.xml generated automatically sitemap for visitors, meta tags are automatically generates for the part of property : Title, keywords, description). The sites are made without using code xhtml tables and URLs easily indexed by search engines (url rewriting).

Imobiliator is more than a building site with ads, being built on a powerful CMS presented here. In this way, you can own real estate portal, which will have not only ads but also containing text, video, audio, photo galleries, contact forms, Google Maps, files for download, all they can be in a single page or pages different.

Below you can see a complete list of facilities site:
-- Design
-- Unlimited number of types of transaction (sale, lease, etc.)
-- Unlimited number of types of locations (apartments, houses - houses, land, etc.)
-- Unlimited number of ads property
-- Details notices are organized by category for a better vision
-- For an announcement can be added up to 10 photos, a video file, 3 files plan house / land
-- Automatic resizing photos
-- Every notice is included in an area (city / neighborhood) on the map
-- Search engine advertising
-- Filter ads by number of rooms (where notices have set a number of rooms greater than 0)
-- Ordering announcements by price, number of rooms (only where there), area, date added
-- Paging (10 ads per page)
-- URLs "beautiful" - rewriting the URL for a better indexing by search engines (examples: http://www.myagency.com/real-estate/Apartments-for-sell-5/ and http://www.myagency.ro/real-estate/Lake-apartment-residence-for-sale-in-Bucharest-Baneasa-2-rooms-40.html)
-- Page titles are automatically generated
-- META title, description and keywords are generated automatically
-- Sitemap for users
-- Automatically generated sitemap.xml
-- Entire site can be translated into any language we want (the translation of notices is very easy, just a paragraph of text to translate for each notice in hand, the rest are automatically translates)
-- Option of opening in print version for each ad
-- Contact page for each ad agency, which provides details about the employee who has carefully notice that: Name, photo agent, telephone and email contact form to send in an email message to staff link to the announcement that the data contact visitor
-- System of rotating banners (every page display appears another banner from a set default) with a contorizare afisarilor sites and click on the banner
-- RSS feed for takeover announcements (on separate translations of the site)
-- Forms for submitting applications and offers
-- Forms and images of each ad opens in a creative way
-- Can add, separate section of property, any menus / submenus / pages with text, photo galleries, video and audio files to the player in the site, to download files, contact forms, interactive maps through the CMS which is building site
-- Html editor for the text stilizarea
-- At your request - system for newsletters


Real estate websites done:

WATB Real Estate



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