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Online Shop Realization

NaturalPixel comes to meet those who want to start an online business or those wishing to increase profits by increasing sales by developing an online virtual store custom needs of your business that will have the following characteristics: 

- The store can be translated in any language it wants, thus increasing the number of potential clients 
- For each product can be added: movie presentation of the product with the player integrated into the site, images (full size images in a creative way), files with additional information (card technology, etc.) 
- Professionally designed, customized for each store separately, depending on the specifics of the store and profile customers 
- Optimization for search engines by: automatic generation of URLs, meta tags (title, description, keywords), elements on the page (titles H1, H2, etc.) depending on the contents page, or manually, for SEO experts ; Generate the dynamics of a sitemap for Google (sitemap.xml) 
- Set the site strictly valid XHTML / transition depending on the needs and CSS 
- You can add comments / review sites for each product with the possibility of setting up these comments / review sites to require approval to appear on the site 
- Maximum flexibility in the Add / Edit / delete categories / subcategories / products 
- Configurable product specifications for each product to store virtual 
- Configurable filters for each category of products in virtual store 
- Comparisons between products in the same category of products 
- Discounts configurable, with the price display of the old and new products in the virtual store 
- The possibility of marking a product as a special offer, sold out etc. 
- The possibility to recommend the product to a friend or print the page 
- In the administration of the site (invisible from the interface) management system stocks (the number of products that are available, the opportunity to add comments for use of the company related to a particular product, etc.) 
- In the administration - management commands issued by users with the ability to change the status command (confirmed, paid, delivered, pending etc.) 
- View shopping history for each user, with the possibility of generating automatic invoices and view status of each order (paid, delivered etc.) 
- Payment products purchased from the virtual store can be done through multiple channels, configurable from the administration 
- Content management system (CMS) for the management of additional pages site ( "About Us", "Terms", "Contact", etc.), there is the possibility of creating a news section, which allows adding / editing / deleting the menus / submenus / pages and pages in a possibility to add / edit / delete content text, photo galleries, contact forms, files for download, videos and audio player with integrated site maps Google Maps 
- The possibility of sending newsletters to those who request it or for all users enrolled in the database of virtual store, if they give acceptance for it; newsletters will be sent separately depending on the translation of virtual store where they were when registration 
- Survey completed by visitors virtual store

- banners