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website creation

NaturalPixel agency is a web design and web programming provider, with the goal of your business growth mainly through the creation of quality Website. We put emphasis on the creation of unique sites and modern sites and meet our current web standards. 

NaturalPixel offers the following services: 

  • websites creation
  • sites for real estate
  • conversion of designs in XHTML / CSS valid code (front end development)
  • web programming and database
  • optimization for search engines (SEO)

going from the idea that any business needs to exist in the virtual world to succeed. A web site is a card to potential partners and clients, this is why we focus attention on the details of what the image of a company, regardless that it comes from a small company, a corporation or a real estate agency.


Online Shop Creation


NaturalPixel comes to meet those who want to start an online business or those wishing to increase profits by increasing sales by developing an online virtual store custom needs of your business. Some of the main features of the virtual store are:

  • virtual store can be translated in any language we want
  • for a product of the virtual store can add a video presentation of the product, images, files for download
  • professional design
  • optimization for search engines
  • product specifications configurable
  • configurable filters
  • comparisons between products

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Real estate websites

NaturalPixel comes in support of real estate agencies wishing to achieve a site that would offer them the real estate ads Imobiliator, a CMS (Content Management System) specialized in real estate presenting of offers. Each site is customized to answer the requests of a real estate agency, as well as possible. News that you bring this type of site are the following:

  • image areas where the locations offered for sale or rent on a dynamic map of Google Maps for a good visual localization
  • location by presenting a movie, with the player integrated into the page (like Youtube), the movie what can be done easily, even with a photo camera or mobile phone which has based registration, thereby providing a much higher level of detailing presentation location
  • site can be translated easily in any language you want, thus increasing the number of potential clients