Real estate websites

Establishing a web site implies, besides a lot of creativity and knowledge-rich area of design and programming, and a good knowledge of the purpose for which will be created the site. The realization of a site begins with a discussion about the site in which we try to understand how much better job given site, the next step is design and implementation schedule for the site, which will be made by web designers and programmers professionals with experience in the field following that, finally, the operation site are presented in detail a person who will manage the site.

For simtitoare a reduction in time that will be conducted site will propose some solutions existing web programming. For sites presentation will offer a CMS (Content Management System) which will be stapanul content of your site, you can add or edit / delete menus, submenus and pages, and as a feature rarely encountered on a single page you can have paragraphs of text (you can insert images in the text), images - photo gallery with a creative way of opening images, audio files and video player with integrated into the site files for download, Google Maps maps and forms of contact. CMS allows the translation of the site in any language you want. At your request we can provide a system of banners and system of sending newsletters. Optimizing on-site for search engines (SEO on-site) sites made on the basis of this CMS can be done easily by yourself, after the presentation of detailed management. The administration's CMS is simple and intuitive that anyone can manage a site as easy as sending an email.